At AFK Consulting, we offer a full range of bookkeeping services. Whether you are looking to hand over all your bookkeeping activities or just need some support getting organized and setting up a system, we are here to help.


We use the cloud-based bookkeeping systems Quickbooks Online and HubDoc, which allow for quick and secure uploading and sharing of documents and easy access to your financial data anytime from anywhere.

Examples of bookkeeping services offered include:

Setup and maintenance of bookkeeping systems
Processing and recording of bank & credit card transactions
Preparation and filing of government remittances including GST, PST, Payroll, WCB etc.
Clean up
Reconciling bank & credit card accounts
Financial reporting including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable tasks
Payroll services
Bookkeeping training

We are happy to have chat about your specific needs and put together a customized package that works for you.